First Stop: Iceland

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon

Last summer, I was getting the urge to travel. But, after looking at my bank account, I realized it would be a while before I could make this dream a reality. In desperation, I decided to look into affordable trips I could do in Spring 2018. This way, I could book the tickets immediately and then I had a trip I could not only begin to save for, but also look forward to.

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NYC Eats: Kingsley


About one week ago, when NYC got a quick taste of Spring, I was feeling the urge to treat myself to a tasty dinner. But, as someone who is currently trying to save money, I decided that if I was going to splurge, I wanted it to be worth the cash. When I decide to drop a large sum of money on food, I want it to be special. Not special because they have x amount of stars or rave reviews, but special because the food is exceptional; like something I have never tasted before. I want the meal to be innovative and experiential. Dinner should be an experience, shouldn’t it?

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NYC Eats: Soup Dumplings

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While the East Village and West Village get most of the attention from NYC foods, China Town should not be forgotten. Hidden away in the narrow, busy streets are a selection of tasty restaurants that are sure to surprise your tastebuds. These eateries are not the Chinese-American restaurants that you’re used to—even though some of them do offer dishes you will recognize. Instead, they serve a more authentic cuisine that is perfect for someone who is looking for something better than the Chinese restaurant down the block.

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