First Stop: Iceland

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon

Last summer, I was getting the urge to travel. But, after looking at my bank account, I realized it would be a while before I could make this dream a reality. In desperation, I decided to look into affordable trips I could do in Spring 2018. This way, I could book the tickets immediately and then I had a trip I could not only begin to save for, but also look forward to.

Some Tasty Fish Of The Day From Slippbarrin
Iceland is Windy 🙂
Thingvellir Nation Park
Gullfoss Waterfall


During my research, I came across the Icelandair Stopover. For only $430 roundtrip, I could fly to Iceland and Paris. I decided to do a two-day stopover in Iceland, and then stay in Paris for 8 days. This was a great deal, because it not only allowed me to get considerably cheap airfare to Europe, but it also allowed me to stop in Iceland first without any additional cost. I highly recommend this for those of you who are seeking an adventure:

When we landed, our first stop was the Blue Lagoon. I purchased tickets in advanced for the first time slot offered which was at 8:00AM. When we arrived, there were other tourists in line, but once we got inside the lagoon it felt like we were practically the only ones there. With the basic entrance ticket, you also get a free drink and mask from their in-water bar. If you are interested in visiting the Blue Lagoon, I highly recommend getting there early. By 10:00AM, when we were packing up to leave, the lagoon became much more crowded and in my opinion, it began to lose its charm. If, however, you’re looking to visit a hot spring that is less touristy, you can also look into the Secret Lagoon.

Next, we drove to Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina, which I booked in advance through Clay and I both liked the hotel – it was very clean, the beds were comfortable, and they had L’Occitane shower products—what’s not to love? The restaurant attached Slippbarinn was expensive, but delicious. We both decided to order the fish of the day which practically melted in our mouths and was served with some delicious vegetables and seasoning.

I should forewarn all of those who are interested in visiting Iceland that it is very expensive. While the fish dishes are delicious, every place we went was pricey even to us New Yorkers. I recommend that when you are booking a hotel you try and get breakfast included. Clay and I decided to take advantage of the breakfast buffet, and we found that it helped us stay on budget.

In order to explore the landscape, Clay and I decided to rent a car and drive the Golden Circle on our own. We enjoyed traveling this way, as we like being on our own schedule so we could choose how long to stay at each site. If this is not for you, however, I have heard that this tour is supposed to be amazing:



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