NYC Eats: Kingsley


About one week ago, when NYC got a quick taste of Spring, I was feeling the urge to treat myself to a tasty dinner. But, as someone who is currently trying to save money, I decided that if I was going to splurge, I wanted it to be worth the cash. When I decide to drop a large sum of money on food, I want it to be special. Not special because they have x amount of stars or rave reviews, but special because the food is exceptional; like something I have never tasted before. I want the meal to be innovative and experiential. Dinner should be an experience, shouldn’t it?


In an effort to satisfy my high demands, I decided to travel to the East Village. In my experience, this neighborhood of NYC tends to have creative cuisines that don’t always break the bank. So, Clay and I decided to visit the restaurant Kingsley, located on 12th Street and Avenue B. All of the plates at this simply decorated restaurant are small, so be wary that this isn’t exactly a cheap place to eat. Clay and I decided to split the majority of the dishes so that we could try everything. We started with the Bay Scallops, the Wild Gulf Prawns, and the side of Brussel Sprouts. To be entirely honest, every bite was better than the last. If I had to choose, which is a hard thing to do, I would say the Bay Scallops were my favorite of these dishes. They practically melted in your mouth and always left you wanting more. Clay and I fought over the last one, until he ceded like the gentleman he is.

For our last course, we each got the Bone Marrow. While I don’t tend to order bone marrow on my own, it came highly recommended by our waiter, who gave the dish such high praise that I felt like we absolutely had to try it. The dish itself was spectacular. But, what really made it amazing, was the shot of sherry mixed with other flavors that you pour down the finished bone into your mouth. The flavors from the bone marrow, combined with the shot was so good that I encourage you to try it even if bone marrow isn’t usually your thing.

If you’re looking for unique food, worth every penny, I strongly recommend this restaurant. If you go, be sure to let me know what you think!



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