An Immersive Theater Experience: “Then She Fell”

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After falling in love with “Sleep No More,” I was excited to hear that there was a production similar to it in Brooklyn called “Then She Fell.” This production, similarly to “Sleep No More,” is an immersive theatre experience. The audience consists of a small group of people that are able to walk around and experience not only the scripted production, but the scenery.

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Yet, the content of this show is nothing like “Sleep No More.” This production by Third Rail Project explores Alice in Wonderland and the life of the author, Lewis Carol. While you are walking around and being taken to various rooms, it feels like you are unraveling hidden truths and solving an elaborate puzzle. You learn more about the characters that make up this widely popular children’s book as well as the author’s history that inspired the content.

Only 15 people that are 21 or older are allowed to enter. Various alcoholic drinks are offered throughout the performance, which explains the age limitation. Each member has a unique experience—so don’t be surprised when you are separated from the people you accompany you to the show. Both the content and the imagery make this show a truly magical experience that will give you a new perspective to your childhood book.

I highly recommend this show for anyone who is open to this unique experience. Check it out here before it ends on May 27, 2018.

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