NYC Eats: Soup Dumplings

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While the East Village and West Village get most of the attention from NYC foods, China Town should not be forgotten. Hidden away in the narrow, busy streets are a selection of tasty restaurants that are sure to surprise your tastebuds. These eateries are not the Chinese-American restaurants that you’re used to—even though some of them do offer dishes you will recognize. Instead, they serve a more authentic cuisine that is perfect for someone who is looking for something better than the Chinese restaurant down the block.

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Many people don’t realize that there are a variety of Chinese cuisines. Each regional cuisine has its own staple dishes that makes it unique. My personal favorites are restaurants that serve Shanghai dishes. The most notable being soup dumplings.

Soup dumplings have become a NYC staple. Non-Traditional restaurants have taken to the liking and have started serving a rendition of this dish from Shanghai that is irresistible to any dumpling-lover. While there are a variety of restaurants that serve these amazing dumplings, there are only two restuarnst that have become my favorite. The first, is Joe’s Shanghai.

These photos were taken at the Joe’s Shanghai in Midtown where your party sits at their own table. The China Town location, on the other hand, is made up of communal tables. Other differences: the latter option is more affordable, and they serve you tea for free!

In addition to the pork soup dumplings, I also order the sesame pancakes and the dried bean curd with mixed vegetables appetizer. This last dish is a true favorite of mine, as it’s light and refreshing dressing is the perfect pallet cleanser. While these are my go-to dishes, they have an extensive menu that has a lot of great options.

If Joe’s Shanghai is not for you, another great option is Shanghai Cafe Deluxe located in China Town. This is my friend’s personal favorite, and anytime we decide to get soup dumplings we always end up debating which place makes them better. They are both pretty good, and I will admit it’s a hard call to make. If you go to both, be sure to let me know which place you think has the best soup dumplings!



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