6 Products To Get You Through The Winter

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These photos are back from the first snow fall, when I was staying with a friend and we decided to go for a walk. I love getting out of the city sometimes, because I love the neighborhood feel and the beautiful houses.

Now that it’s freezing here in NYC, and it’s officially winter, I thought it was only appropriate to share the products that get me through the winter.

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lip exfoliante

  1. An all time favorite, this lip scrub keeps my lips soft and smooth during the coldest winter months. In all honesty, this scrub is why I am able to wear lipstick when it’s cold out. It cures my chapped lips in one use!



2.  After I have used my Fresh Sugar Lip Exfoliant, I turn to my Sugar Lip Treatment. This prevents my lips from getting chapped, and it feels so soft going on. I also love the light lemony scent. I swear by this stuff, and apparently InStyle recommends it as well!


3. To keep my skin feeling soft, I use this body scrub once a week. This works magic. I have turned a number of people onto this product, including my boyfriend! I like the Delicate Jasmine scent because it is light. But, they have a number of delectable scents. There are a number of Sabon stores around the world, and you should check one out if you haven’t yet. When you enter, someone will offer to show you the products, and if you accept you get to try a variety of products that will leave your hands feeling smoother than ever. I stop by the stores frequently!


4. After turning to my trusty Sabon body scrub, I put on this rich L’Occitane body cream. I absolutely swear by this cream. It leaves my body feeling soft and smooth, without the oily residue of most creams. Let me phrase it like this: I don’t have to wait very long after applying it to my legs to get into my favorite jeans. That’s definitely a plus.


Facial Serum

5. I am not going to lie to you, I actually use this serum all year round. But, I find that it’s especially important to use it in the winter. This is one of my favorite products of all time, because it keeps my complexion bright. I’m not really sure what makes this serum so magical, but I have had amazing results. I have even found that as long as I use it, I rarely get a pimple. To be clear, I’m not a dermatologist; I am just sharing my own experiences. I have found that this has helped my complexion greatly, and I stock up on it every time Sabon has a sale.


7.  Living Luminizer by RMS has become a new favorite product of mine this winter. After I apply foundation and a powder, I put this highlighting cream on my cheek bones and eye lids to keep an all-natural look. It’s a cream that can be used for practically any look, but I like it the most on days that I don’t feel like doing my make-up. I’ll be honest, the winter brings out my laziness.


**All photos of the products are from their respective brand’s website**


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