NYC Treasures


As someone who loves books and old libraries, I have been meaning to go to the NYC Public Library for ages. I am glad to say, I finally made it! Not to mention, I chose the best time because it coincided with the Bryant Park Holiday Market.


The library is absolutely gorgeous. It felt like an old European castle nestled into the craziness that is Midtown. I got lost in a maze of corridors and long hallways and, for a moment, forgot that I was in the Manhattan. C and I found that the somewhat complex nature of the layout (what with so many stairs) makes it fun to explore without a map. On various occasions we stumbled upon some hidden treasures; there was an old cast iron water fountain that C kept making us revisit. Unfortunately, we didn’t capture a photo :/

Afterwards, it was a blast shopping around in the Bryant Park Holiday Market! There are so many cute shops, and I found that there was a lot of stuff I wanted to buy…and did buy! There were tons of greats snacks and plenty of shops that had cute knick knacks to put it stockings! (my siblings and I fill stockings for my parents). I also found artwork for my apartment and an AMAZING chocolate shop! It’s call “No Chewing Allowed!” and I recommend going to the market just to buy these french truffles. They are absolutely incredible. I have already finished my box and plan to go back just to buy more. I also hope to go ice skating next time I go!

Lastly, I recommend you go to the Bryant Park Holiday Market at night. It’s so beautiful with all the shops and holiday lights lit up. I also think that NYC is at its finest in the early evening. You’ll have to go see the market for yourself because I didn’t take too many photos there… I was way too distracted by all the goodies!

P.S. I absolutely love this rain coat. Best. Purchase. Ever.

Sweater (similar here) // Jeans // Belt // Sneakers  // Rain Coat



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