Reminiscing Weekly: Costa Rica


This week I am reminiscing about my trip to Costa Rica just last year. I had an amazing time travels to three different places within the country: Arenal, Playa Hermosa, and Monte Verde. I went on so many hikes and got to see a lot of wild life, which was my favorite part.


I would definitely recommend Costa Rica to anybody looking for their next vacation destination. It was amazing to see all the wildlife, especially the monkeys, in their natural habitat. I never went to any place where you could see the animals in captivity because I didn’t want to support them. In Costa Rica, I was able to see plenty of animals and wildlife just by going on guided hikes.

Arenal was one of my favorite places because we stayed right by the volcano (the last photo is a picture of it). We stayed at the Lost Iguana and had amazing views of the volcano. After many hikes, I treated myself to one of the best massages I have ever had. We didn’t spend too much time at the resort because I wanted to go on hikes and spend time in the local town, but the resort was beautiful, and I had an amazing stay there.

In Playa Hermosa I rode a jet ski and went snorkeling which was a blast. We were only there for two days, which allowed us to relax and spend some time by the water after a ton of hiking. It was fun because there were monkeys EVERYWHERE when we were staying there, so when I was just taking a casual hike I would always see and hear them.

In Monte Verde we hiked through the cloud forest which was unreal. I also did some more hikes here where I saw more monkey. The photo of the monkey above was taken while I was hiking in Monte Verde. There was a whole family of them, but I was only abe to snap a photo of one of them.

Lastly, contrary to what many people say, I had amazing food while I was in Costa Rica. I think the trick is to not eat at resorts…which I never did. I always went into town to grab a meal on my way to or back from a hike. While I didn’t always know what I was ordering, the meal was always delicious. I still catch myself day dreaming about the fresh fish and fruits I had while I was in Costa Rica.

Outfits: dress (similar here) // shorts (similar here) // swimsuit (from aerie, here is this years version) // sunglasses (purchased in Paris, but similar ones here & here)


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