Reminiscing Weekly



I thought it would be fun to reminisce about past adventures once a week. So, I’ll be posting nostalgic photos every Wednesday, as a fun way to relive my travels.


This post is from March, when I went to London for a week. During my time, I went to the Chawton House Library, which was owned by Jane Austen’s brother. It was so much fun walking through the library and seeing a variety of first edition books. I also walked around the grounds, which are gorgeous. If you ever find yourself in England, I would strongly recommend going here. It was one of my favorite parts of my trip. Down the street, is Jane Austen’s house, which I also toured. I’ve also always loved Pride and Prejudice, so it was fun for me to see where Austen spent a part of her life.

Also, these shoes that I am wearing are my absolute favorite. I bought a second pair just because I love them so much. They are leather ecru colored shoes and on the tongue there is gold lettering that says sezane. I cannot speak more highly of these sneakers…I think they are so pretty.

Outfit: top (similar here) // pants (similar here) // jacket // shoes


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